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  • Is the dildo fragile, can it break?
    Porcelain and stoneware are super resistant and durable materials. Ceramic, and in particular porcelain are used in dental prosthesis because of those qualities. They are like stones, once cooked, so it is impossible to break them with your body. You would need a hammer! But you should of course avoid dropping them on hard surfaces.
  • What about hygiene? / How to clean it?
    Our dildos are made of the most hygienic, non-porous materials, so they won’t retain stains or degrade over time. Before using it for the first time, we recommend you to clean it carefully. To do this, place your dildo in a pan with water at room temperature and heat it on a low flame. Keep the flame burning for 10 to 15 minutes after boiling. After this time, turn off the heat. When the temperature has dropped and the water is tepid, you can remove your dildo. Before and after use, we recommend that you wash it with neutral soap or any other soap you use for your body and rinse it thoroughly with warm water.
  • Isn’t it cold, as a material?
    It will come to body temperature pretty quickly and it keeps warmth very effectively, so you can either warm it up in hot water in a minute or cool it down in a fridge. Try it out!
  • What kind of lubes can I use?
    Our dildos can be used with any type of lubes. Our glazes are food-safe, acid-resistant and free of toxic elements. Their colour and consistency will not change or be altered with the application of any type of lubes. Our dildos have been fired at a high temperature (1280C°) so that they become non-porous and waterproof.
  • Why to choose Tethys dildo’s?
    First, because they are the most wonderful dildos, and they look amazing. Seriously, for ethics, because they are handmade with durable materials, and unique. For hygiene reasons, because they are far more hygienic than their plastic counterparts. So we can produce one less thing out of petroleum. Because they are made with love and care, we actually really enjoy making them!
  • What payment methods are available?
    You can TWINT, transfer to account, or pay online with a credit card. You can alternatively pay on-site if you wish to visit us directly.
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