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Ancre 1

Tethys is the project of an artist duo based in the Swiss Alps. We create objects of pleasure, with a will to use an ancient and noble material: the clay. 

We want to make carefully crafted, beautiful objects you’ll want to show and not hide in a drawer, and give them another status in a s3xpositive and unashamed way.

These objects are made to last a lifetime, or more! It could be found in perfect shape by archeologists thousands of years from now, as we do for ancient ceramics, and we particularly like that idea in a world of plastics, planned obsolescence and waste.

Our d1ldos are made of porcelain and stoneware, two of the strongest and most durable materials in ceramics. They are fired at a high temperature of 1280 degrees. This type of firing allows the clay to lose all porosity and become impermeable and very solid. This makes them extremely easy to clean and offers perfect hygiene, as they won’t retain any bacterias or smells. 

Additionally, our glazes are all non-toxic, food compliant and resistant to acids. In short, you can use it for a lifetime, freeze it or boil it as many times as you like, it won’t be altered.

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